PDF Splitter and Merger Command Line
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PDF Splitter & Merger Command Line 2.0

Getting started using PDF Splitter & Merger Command Line

PDF Splitter & Merger consists of a collection of splitting methods and merging function:

  • Split into files of number pages, split by page range


  • Merge pdf files into a single file and automate processing




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Automate batch or allow network users to merge and/or split pdf files



Installation steps:

Download and Run the EXE file and follow the steps until installation [Finish] button.


Location of Installation:

Default location:  C:\Program Files\VERTX Systems\PDF Splitter & Merger Command Line 2.0.

During the install process you can provide alternative path to install as the core application location for PDF Splitter & Merger Command Line to run from?


Trial Version:

Your trial version will work for specified number of days. You will only be able to split and merge to limited number of pages.

To run in Trial mode, Choose T from the available menu choices as shown in sample screen shot below.


How to use the PDF Splitter & Merger Command Line to Split & Merge PDF documents?

Type “PDFSplitMerge ?” And hit enter, it will show you the Syntax with all switches as shown below.


PDF Splitter & Merger Command Line - Parameters Definitions

1. pdfSplitMerger run / call / invoke the application at the command line)
2. -s request the splitter method
3. -m request the merger method
  • -sd
  source directory
  • -sf
  source file
  • -dd
  destination directory
  • -df
  destination file
8.                 -r   specify range of page e.g.:  2,3;7-10;14  (only for split method)
9.                 -p   specify page numbers e.g.: 2,4,8,11 (only for split method)
10. ? the ? provides you the syntax parameters for all the switches accepted by PDF Splitter & Merger Command Line application



How to Split PDF files using PDF Splitter Command Line: How to Merge PDF files using PDF Merge Command Line:

PdfSplitMerge –s –sd C:\sourcefile –sf source.pdf  –dd  C:\DestFiles –df Target

Use –r to specify ranges and –p to specify number of pages to split into.


NOTE: -r and - p are functions reserved for split method


PdfSplitMerge –m –sd C:\sourcefiles –sf source.pdf  –dd  C:\DestFiles –df Target


NOTE: Merge files only.  If you need specific pages from existing PDF files to be merged into a single PDF file, then use the split function to extract the files into a new PDF document and then use the merge function to merge them into the sequence you need.


Network Shared Access to PDF Splitter & Merger Command Line:

If you have a common network or workgroup configuration and you have PDF Splitter & Merger Command Line installed on a server or computer.  As long as you can access this server / computer via your network.  You simply have to ask your administrator to assign or map the drive letter and then simply using the CMD.exe launch the windows console, go to the appropriate drive letter and then simply call the PdfSplitMerge application and follow the instructions above.


How to setup a batch (.bat) file and automated processing using Windows Scheduler

Use notepad or any plain text editor and open new file call it NightlySplit.bat (or whatever you want) and then below sample code:

Replace the above script with the proper parameters and then save the file.  You can choose to execute the .bat file from your command line CMD.exe by simply entering the file name and running it or you can leverage Windows Scheduler, set a desired time and allow the scheduler to run the batch file to automate your process.  Please refer to Windows Scheduler (which can be located Windows Control Panel) or online help for more information.


Error Trap: How to check for error reports?

Any internal application error from PDF Splitter & Merger Command Line application is written to a Log file.  This log file is located in the bin directory where pdfSplitMerge.exe application is installed. 

Advantages of using PDF Splitter & Merger

The best PDF tool our company has ever used for splitting and merging. It does what we need it to do, and it does it easy and fast!  The batch processing has saved us tones of time.



System Requirements

  • Platforms Supported
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
  • Microsoft Vista (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Software
  • Adobe Reader 6.0 and above   
  • Adobe Reader is not required  


Companies currently utilizing PDF Splitter & Merger includes:

CDS Office Technologies | WolfCraft GmBh | Advanced Publishing Corp | Laitram, LLC | Connaught Factsline Ltd | Bernard Schenk SA | National City | partial listing...1000+ happy customers...


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